Big Time Exterminator: The Unexpected Hero in the Cannabis Chronicles S:01 E:01

Big Time Exterminator: The Unexpected Hero in the Cannabis Chronicles

Steve was a pretty chill guy. He had a small cannabis farm, “Steve’s Serene Greens.” With state regulations becoming more rigorous, Steve prided himself on running a tight, organic ship.

But there was a hiccup: spider mites. These tiny villains had declared war on Steve’s precious plants. At first, Steve tried some home remedies. He tried playing them death metal, hoping they’d get scared and leave. No luck. He even tried reasoning with them. “Listen, little buddies, can’t we coexist?” They didn’t respond, of course, just kept munching away.

One evening, while Steve was sobbing into his herbal tea, his friend Lisa recommended, “You need Big Time Exterminator!” She raved about how it was almost 100% organic and could be used daily without any residues.

Steve was skeptical. “Big Time Exterminator? Sounds like a WWE wrestler.”

But desperate times called for desperate measures. He decided to give it a shot. The next day, a box arrived. The logo? A buff insect in sunglasses, flexing its muscles. Steve smirked, “Well, this should be interesting.”

Reading the instructions, Steve learned that Big Time Exterminator relied on mechanical action. It wouldn’t poison the mites but would break them down physically. “Alright, buff insect, let’s see if you can wrestle these mites,” Steve muttered, spraying his plants.

Within a few days, Steve noticed a drastic difference. The mites, those tiny terrorists, were vanishing. His plants looked happier, and Steve could swear they were swaying to a more joyous rhythm.

Pleased, Steve researched more about Big Time Exterminator. He discovered its broad-spectrum effectiveness and how it was eco-friendly. Steve was sold. This wasn’t just a pesticide; this was the future!

At the next Cannabis Cultivators’ Community meetup, Steve couldn’t help but gush about Big Time Exterminator. Many were curious, especially after seeing the before and after photos of Steve’s plants.

Tom, a fellow cultivator, commented, “Look at you, Steve! From mite infested to best-dressed plants!” The room erupted in laughter.

It wasn’t long before Big Time Exterminator became the talk of the town. Steve’s Serene Greens flourished, and Steve even collaborated with the company to release a special edition with his face on it – alongside the buff insect, of course.

State inspectors were thrilled with the organic methods Steve employed. And as word spread, more and more growers transitioned to Big Time Exterminator. The cannabis community was buzzing – not just because of their product, but also their pest-free plants!

A year later, at the annual Cannabis Gala, Steve was honored for his commitment to organic farming and innovation. Holding the award, Steve chuckled, “All thanks to a buff insect and some mechanical action!”

And that, dear readers, is the legend of how Big Time Exterminator took the cannabis world by storm. It was more than just a product; it was a revolution. And Steve? Well, he became the unexpected hero in the cannabis chronicles. All while staying 99.999% organic.

Hope you enjoyed this entirely fictional story. Steve’s name has been changed or fabricated entirely. When has anyone named Steve ever steered you wrong!



In upcoming episodes Steve is gonna take on russet mites and the early nor cal rain. With who else, his trusty pal, Big Time Exterminator now available in 1-55 gallon containers order below.

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Protect your valuable plants with Big Time Exterminator and get “Big Time” results without spending big dollars. Big Time Exterminator is the most cost effective way to keep your plants free of harmful pests! Highly concentrated formulation – 1 quart makes up to 8 gallons READY to USE mix! Leaves behind NO odor or residue! Mechanical killing action – pests have no resistance!
–99.999% Organic (0.01% Potassium Sorbate)
–May use daily up to day of Harvest
–Mechanical Action Destroys Bugs, Larvae, and Eggs!
–Destroys root aphids!
–Safe for all Plant, Animal and Marine Life … Not Insects!
–Effective on all hard and soft bodied PESTS including spider mites and broad mites!!
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