How to Kill Spider Mites

How to Kill Spider Mites

So you’ve found this page because you have a spider mite infestation. Follow these simple instructions and learn how to kill spider mites..1,2,3!

Step One: Order enough Big Time Exterminator to treat your infestation with 150-200mL per gallon, depending on severity of infestation and environment.

Step Two: In the dark, with the fans off, throughly foliar spray Big Time Exterminator until the point of run-off on the tops and bottoms of the leaf surfaces.

Step Three: Repeat step two every 48 hours, until infestation is gone.

*Up to 250mL per gallon may be necessary to kill the worst spider mite infestations, especially outdoors and in greenhouses. Daily treatments may be necessary for 1-3 days to achieve control.

**Rinsing the plants with a heavy spray of water after foliar spraying will help rinse off the dead bugs and un hatched eggs. Be careful not to damage your plants doing this.

***When spraying high concentrations (150mL per gallon +) check PH and adjust it to be above 5.0 if necessary. Some plants will exhibit downward leaf curl in new growth when foliar sprayed with too low of a PH solution.

Thats how to kill Spider Mites…1,2,3.

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